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Our tailor-made adventures, camps and retreats cater for everybody, whether you are a school, church group or corporate client looking for leadership and team-building adventure retreats.  To see what we offer to each group follow the links below:

Schools | Churches | Organisations

Use our Activity Menu to choose the best adventures for your group.  We offer activities for small groups and individuals over weekends as well as school holidays.  All our group activities are followed by debriefings so that learning is shared.  We explore how these lessons can be implemented in future decision-making in the ‘real world’.  The impact of these learning experiences can seldom be generated in the same way at home or at school. 

Hobbiton believes that an outdoor experience in an exciting, supportive environment is pivotal to the development of a well-rounded person and a healthy society. 

The costs for standard bookings include safety equipment, facilitation and instructors for all of the activities.

Activity Menu


Abseiling from our 7m or 10m training towers

Compass Course

Finding your way around the camp or the forest

Log Challenge

Working in a team to conquer the log challenge


Pellet gun, blowpipe, catapult, bow and arrow


Lots of different games like volleyball, soccer, rugby, puzzles, etc

Ropes Course

World-class high, medium and low ropes courses offering awesome team challenges


Flatwater canoeing (only if arranged beforehand)


Exploring the Afromontane forests and waterfalls surrounding Hobbiton


Swinging through the air like a circus performer to find your inner strength

Climbing Wall

Indoor and outdoor climbing walls offering lateral, vertical (9m) and overhang (9m) challenges

Jacob's Ladder

A three-person team-building activity climbing an uneven 9m ladder


A 100m zipline down the Hobbiton valley

Workshops and Leadership courses

Hobbiton offers courses to schools, churches, families and corporates, covering Leadership Development, Environmental Education, Team Building and Personal Development.

Conferences and Board Meetings

We have a large hall where we are able to host meetings, evening concerts and conferences.

Family Activities and Birthday Celebrations

Does your family need a restart after lockdown? Shake off the doom and gloom for new inspired energy. Book a weekend hiking adventure at Hobbiton.
Celebrating a birthday? Let us design a day's activities to make your birthday special.


Hobbiton offers suitable candidates the opportunity to take a gap year (or shorter period).  Volunteers participate in various training experiences and are involved in all facets of life at Hobbiton. Some planned courses are:

Day Adventures

Needing adventure? Celebrating a birthday with a difference? Book one or more of our adventure options – ropes, zipline, trapeze or obstacle courses.

If you are visiting Hogsback and are looking for something adventurous to do, give us a call.

We can accommodate groups and individual participants, provided that there is no large school group already booked. 


Hobbiton kitchens are fully equipped for any catering needs, including all cutlery and crockery.  

We offer three, differently priced menus.  Special dietary needs can be catered for, but advanced warning of at least five days is needed. 

Full payment for catering must be made two weeks in advance.

If you choose the self-catering option you may still make use of our catering facilities, including cutlery and crockery. However, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid and rubbish bags will be your own responsibility.