My Hobbiton Story by Brad Plaatjies

HOBBITON!!!. Where do I start?

The place to be. My first time at Hobbiton was in July 2010 as a UPC kid and then after I couldn’t forget about my experience at Hobbiton. The high light was the Breaking the ice swim in the early morning. That was literally my first time swimming in the early morning in the winter,that I will never forget.

All the South African and German instructors were all a bunch of awesome people. I enjoyed every single activity Hobbiton offered and my favorite one was the Trapeze. With that activity I faced my biggest fear and overcame it there at the High ropes course. I was a UPC instructor for almost 5-6 years and never missed a single camp. The saddest part was when we have to leave Hobbiton and all the incredible kids with their different personalities.

I enjoyed every single minute I was at Hobbiton. In 2019 I started working as a volunteer instructor for 6 months under the management of a very enthusiastic and professional lady Tonya. I miss the morning meetings we had, because that’s where I laughed most of the time for all the wonderful people I worked with and the jokes everybody made. 😂😂😂

Coming to the food… Wow I don’t even have to say anything about that. We all know how good it is and because of that I actually gained a lot of weight. 😅😅

That was a very special journey in my life. That’s where I found myself. I learned a lot from all the different people I met. Yes and farewells were never easy for me.I will never forget Hobbiton and the experience I had.I will always go back even if I’m 80 years old one day. 😁I really miss… The pleasant shade. The Blazing sun the streams that run. The food we ate. The friends I met. The games I played there every day.

I thank Josh and Tonya for the opportunity they gave me to be at Hobbiton.🙏🙏🙏

Brad-lee Sihle Plaatjies