September Newsletter: Exciting news, book NOW and Thank YOU!

New Middle Ropes Course 

Work is underway on our new Middle Ropes Course, and we are having tremendous fun trying out the new elements. The team has been working hard not only in installing the physical elements but also in ensuring that safety and engineering specifications are adhered to every step of the way.  They have also erected a fence around the course to ensure that the cows do not damage the course and that we are able to signpost the area as a ‘Do Not Use Without Instructor Area’.  Once all the elements are installed, you will be invited to the opening of this new activity and be able to develop your group’s team-building and communications skills while having fun. 


As the current Covid-19 policy permits only 50% occupancy we can accommodate 80 people in total at any one time.  Due to this limitation, our booking schedule is filling up fast. Children who need to be active and adventurous have been waiting for 18 months for this opportunity, so please book now.  

If you wish to bring your group to Hobbiton anytime this year, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
045 962 1193/084 840 0617

September Hogsback Stay Competition

This month the Hogsback two-night stay up for grabs is Maple Grove. By donating R100 or more to our Hobbiton Bridging Fund, you will be entered into the monthly #hogsbackstay competition. Help keep this iconic adventure centre open for future generations.
For more information and to enter the competition, head on over to

We thank all who have donated to Hobbiton’s Bridging Fund since its inception.

Currently the Bridging Fund is our primary source of income as clients are still reluctant to organise group outings.  Your ongoing support has allowed us to keep our centre open.

Amy Stevens
Andre Van Tonder
Andrea Hart
Andrew Stevens
Anna Bienert
Anna Talbot
Anthony Chappel
Ashley Martin
Bastien Linol
Beach Pilates Vicky
Bernadette Hubbart
Blackbeard Family
Bridget and Judy
Buy and Sell Christine Mullins
Caldecot T
Carla Bonthuys
Carol Collins
Cayla Fourie
Chantell Carrick
Chantell Sellick
Charl Botha
Christian Doppelgatz
Cindy Marais
Clair Durrow
Claire Fourie
Clare Padfield
Clare Rayner
Corrieghlas Mike Mullins
D Scott
Damien Seeber
Debbie Hendrikz
Diane Share
Dominique Davies
Donna Stevenson
E.C Hospitality
F Wallace
Felicity Woods
Felix Manig
Fiona Wallace
Francois Rautenbach
G MajoeGaynor Harris
Gladwin family
Gloria Robinson
H Bowles
Hannah Stevens
Heike and Kinesh
Heike Chetty
Helen Niehaus
Hendrien van Vliet
Hogsback Bottle Store Rory
Hogsback Brewery Stu
Hogsback Chocolate Shoppe
Hogsback Hardware Rory
Hogsback Petrol Rory
Jane Viedge
Jax Taskov
Jenny Whylie
Jeppe Christenson, Mira Maiwor
Jeremy Timm
Joanne Campbell
Julia Schriefer
Justen Andersen
Justin Laing
K Hensberg
Kerry-Ann Rayner
Kylista Gower
Lara Kirsten
Laragh on Hogsback
Le-Anne Pike
Little Dene Jo
Lou Billett
Lukie Barnard
Lyndsay Walker
Maggie Verster
Malcolm Peel
Malcolm Stewart
Mandy Clark
Marcelle Whitehead
Mark Baleta
Matt Lawlor
Maureen McWilliams
Meghan von Wildemann
Mel de Wit
Mele Constant
Meredith Treadwell
Michal du Plessis
Michelle Schreiber
Mike Mullins
Misty Mountain Eileen
Monika Hof
Mornay Van Heerden
Nick Rautenbach
Nicole Tabeter
Norma & Derek
Nutwoods Park
P Worral
Pam Rossouw Autumn Rush
Paul King
Phiwe Mjekula
Purple Hat Shop
Raven Marie
Rory Blake
Rozzie Jordan
Saunders family
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Spar Rory
Sulene Camarinos
T Gardiner
T van Reeken
Taryn Ferreira
The Dynamic Body Studio
The Touraco Table
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Ursula Gaitskill
Vikki Boyes
Vincent Shaw Gwala
Viv King
Walker family
Webster family
Whylie Berries
Woltree Crafts
Our August winner for a two night stay at Nibelheim is….

Hobbiton Annual Mountain Bike Race

Our annual fundraising Bike Race will take place on the 16th December 2021 with distances of 5km, 15km and  45km.  

From November we will be posting further details on our website and Facebook page. In the interim if you require any further details, please email or phone, 045 – 962 1193 or 084 840 0617.