Fund Raising Mountain Bike Race – Saturday 14th December 2019

Hobbiton invites enthusiasts of all ages to prepare for and enter the great Hobbiton mountain cycle race to be held on Saturday 14 December 2019. We look forward to a spectacular race, exciting carnival atmosphere and stalls and we hope for many volunteers from Hogsback and further afield. This fundraiser will enable supporters to build up spirit and finances to celebrate our 75th Jubilee next year, 2020.

Let us support Hobbiton in its valuable Mission

On Saturday 14 December 2019, Hobbiton will be hosting three bike races that will begin and end at Hobbiton. Support Hobbiton’s Jubilee and have fun.

Race 1: 5km

The 5km will be a fun ride and ill be mostly on flat forestry roads. We invite applications from young and old.

The entrance of Hobbiton through which cyclists will ride

Race 2: 16,4 km

The 16.4 km will be more demanding: departing from Hobbiton through the forestry back roads to the arboretum. Heading back to Hobbiton behind the shops on a forestry road then cross Wolfridge road and entering Huntertoun’s private property. Ride through their beautiful garden, back onto Wolfridge road. Just after the top of the Madonna and Child Waterfall the route will follow the forestry cliff path which will allow for fantastic views of the valley below Hogsback. Cross Wolfridge road again you will have a fabulous view of the dam with Hog One in the distance.
Head back to Hobbiton along ‘puff adder’ bike route path.

Race 3: 38,2 km

The 38.2 km for the adventurous: will follow the first 10 km of the 16.4 km route then will head further towards Keiskammahoek along the forestry cliff path. Ride past the quarry and then head up to Hog One to ride parallel with the top of this mountain along ‘crank case alley’. Following this will be some fast single-track through pine forests and along forestry roads until the side of Tordoone. Ride down towards Hobbiton through the pine forests. End with the incredible indigenous forests before entering Hobbiton and the finishing line!