Donors and sponsors

We are a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation permitted to issue 18A tax-exemption certificates for donations.

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Funding appeal

My name is Tonya Burton and I have had the privilege of working at Hobbiton-on-Hogsback for 20 years. Hobbiton is situated in the Amatola Mountains of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Hobbiton’s humble beginnings 75 years ago as a place of safety for children during the Second World War consisted of an outspan and a few tents. Through hard work, commitment to children’s education, community support and donations we have evolved into a centre which provides outdoor education to all sectors of the community.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an extraordinary effect on our ability to generate income. To put it bluntly, the only way we have survived into 2021 is because all of our loyal staff (reduced now to only nine in number) are taking severe salary cuts. Our meagre savings are almost entirely depleted. We are busy implementing strategies to continue our work but we are appealing to you, our supporters, to assist us to bridge this difficult period in our funding.

We know that there are thousands of people in all corners of the globe who have experienced the ‘Hobbiton Experience’ and who would be devastated should we be forced to close our doors. We hope that our appeal for financial assistance to tide us over this difficult period will not fall on deaf ears.

Any financial contribution towards sustaining us during this bridging period will be greatly appreciated.

Fundraising Initiatives

Donate and win a Hogsback Stay

The Bridging Fund is one of the main sources of income for Hobbiton right now and we are therefore grateful for the support of our community here in Hogsback and especially the Tourism Establishments who have donated Hogsback Stays for Hobbiton’s fundraising efforts. We still have some way to go to reach our goal of R350 000 in order to make sure that they can keep our world class facilities in tip-top shape and cover our costs while schools are slowly returning to normal. By supporting us and making a donation, you stand a chance of winning a Hogsback stay at one of our stunning accommodation establishments!


October-Stay: Windrush (Winner Lorrinda Thomas)

A Meier
Bianca Els
Chantal Dave Charran
Clare Rayner
Debbie Hendriks
Gaynor Harris
Janet Catherine
Justin Laing

Laubscher Kelly
Lorrinda Thomas
Lynden & Barry
Margaret Fourie
Mhloli Mqoqi
Walker Family
Wendy Martin

September-Stay: Maple Grove (Winner:

Bianca Els)

B. Ramstad
Bianca Els
Gaynor Harris
Janet Catherine
Justin Laing
Lindsay Coombes
Lorrinda Thomas


M Hunter
Mhloli Mqoqi
Purple Hat Shop
Shane Eades
T Van Reeken
Walker Family
Wendy Martin

August - Stay: Nibelheim Cottages (Winner:

Cayla Fourie)

AJ Steyn
Anthony Chappel
Candy from the Chocolate Shop
Cayla Fourie
Chantell Sellick
D. Share
Debbie Hendrikz

Dominique Davies
Gaynor Harris
Helen Fox
Jane Viedge
K. Hensberg
Le-Anne Pike
Lou Billett

Lushan Turner
Marcelle Whitehead
Mellanney Arnott
Sean Sellick
Sulene Camarinos
Taryn Ferreira
Ursula Gaitskill
Walker Family

July-Stay: The Edge Mountain resort (Winner:

André van Tonder)

Nicole Tabeter
Meredith Treadwell
Ashley Martin
Anna Talbot
Malcolm Stewart
Maureen McWilliams
Hannah Stevens
Andre Van Tonder
Christian Doppelgatz
Amy Stevens
Michal du Plessis
Matt Lawlor
Shaun Holliday
Phiwe Mjekula
Corrieghlas Mike Mullins

Michelle Schreiber
Gaynor Harris
Bastien Linol
Joanne Campbell
Heike Chetty
Trevor Webster
Jeremy Timm
Mandy Clark
Meghan von Wildemann
Kylista Gower
Raven Marie
Chantell Carrick
Kerry-Ann Rayner
Le-Anne Pike
Misty Mountain Eileen
E.C Hospitality

Hendrien van Vliet
Damian Seeber
Donna Stevenson
H Bowles
T van Reeken
Gloria Robinson
D Scott
K Hensbe
Justen Andersen
Clare Padfield
Vincent Blackbeard

G Majoe
T Gardner
Norma & Derek
Hogsback Brewing
Little Dene Jo
Laragh on Hogsback
P Worral
Pam Rossouw Autumn Rush
Mel de Wit
Caldecot T
Monika Hof
Jax Taskov
F Wallace
Buy and Sell Christine Mullins

Lukie Barnard
Justin Laing
Spar Rory
Hogsback Petrol Rory
Hogsback Bottle Store Rory
Hogsback Hardware Rory
Ticia Davies
Clare Rayner
Carla Bonthuys
Rory Blake
Felicity Woods
Mike Mullins


Beach Pilatus

Vicky (from The Dynamic Body Studio) organised a beach pilates session and raised R850 towards our goal! Thank you for organising this event to support us. 

Make a donation of R100, send us an email of POP and ask for the link to the recording. (

Here is a little taster of what you can expect. 

thank you to our bridging fund donors

Every little bit helps. Please consider a monthly donation.  Thank you to the Hogsback Community for being so immensely supportive.

Alina Bienert
Carol Collins
Charl Botha
Cindy Marais
Clair Durrow
Claire Fourie
Felix Manig
Fiona Wallace

Francois Rautenbach
Gladwin family
Heike and Kinesh
Helen Niehaus
Jenny Whylie
Jeppe Christenson
Julia Schriefer
Lara Kirsten
Lyndsay Walker

Maggie Verster
Malcolm Peel
Mark Baleta
Mele Constant
Mornay Van Heerden
Nick Rautenbach
Paul King
Purple Hat Shop
Rozzie Jordan
Saunders family

Sonja Drexter
The Dynamic Body Studio
The Touraco Table
Vikki Boyes
Vincent Shaw
Webster family
Whylie Berries
Woltree Crafts

Long standing SUPPORTERS