Break free from the daily grind!

Are you, your family and friends needing a refreshing break from your day-to-day activities?  Do you dream of hosting an exceptional celebration or birthday party in a safe, exciting and beautiful place? Perhaps you have already booked a visit to Hogsback and are now looking for something out-of-the-ordinary to do while you are here?

Come to Hobbiton for a unique and exhilarating experience!

Hobbiton is an outdoor adventure centre that offers world-class adventure facilities and activities. When we are not hosting large groups on adventure camps, we open our adventure facilities to day visitors. 

Book a morning and/or afternoon session with our activity instructors.

NOTE: The costs for standard bookings include instructors for all of the activities, safety equipment and facilitation.

DAY-VISITOR Activities

Indoor Climbing Wall
This indoor activity is great fun for small groups or individuals. If the youngsters in your home have been driving you up the wall, bring them to us so they can climb our wall instead!
Cost R30pp (Minimum 4 people)
Hobbiton is a central point for many of Hogsback's famed waterfall hikes. Allow our experienced instructors to show you our most magical places.
Cost R30 pp (Minimum 6 people)
We have a 100m zipline over the lower Hobbiton valley. Fly like an eagle and enjoy the view from up high!
R40 pp (Minimum 4 people)
This is a wonderful adrenaline-filled activity to help you conquer your fears and insecurities. Soar through the air like a circus performer!
R50 pp (Minimum 4 people)
Slide down a 10m tower. Come on - it's great fun!
R50 pp (Minimum 4 people)
Sky Frame
Walk on the sky side and conquer your fear of heights!
R50 pp (Minimum 4 people)
Jacob's Ladder
This team activity is always very popular. Conquer challenges together and build trusting relationships.
R50 pp (Minimum 4 people)
Middle Ropes Course
You need some allies to do this activity! Only for family groups or 'living together' Covid-19 safe groups.
R40 pp (Minimum 4 people)
Log Challenge
Get your balance back! You need some friends to do this activity. Only for family groups or 'living together' Covid-19 safe groups.
R40 pp (Minimum 4 people)

Special occasions

The usual birthdays, stag/bachelorette parties and kitchen teas are so old-fashioned!  Why not organise a Hobbiton Day-to-Remember and finish off with a delicious meal at one of the many eateries in town?

We can pull together an exciting collection of adventures and take care of all your arrangements. All you need do is arrive and enjoy the fun!

Perhaps combine your celebration with a longer stayover in Hogsback? Turn a special occasion into a fun weekend. 

Contact us with your special requirements and leave the rest to us. 

Note: NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON HOBBITON PREMISES (But Hogsback has wonderful restaurants and pubs to help you out!)