Best news of 2021. We can offer schools and groups bookings again.

We are greatly looking forward to seeing children grow in the belief of their own abilities and team skills again and invite clients to contact us on 045 962 1193 / 084 840 0617 or to book your group’s next adventure. We look forward to your schools booking for an Adventure, Leadership or Celebration Camp.
To familiarise yourself with the recent Government Gazette with regard to school camps please see the last item in this news letter. 

This year we celebrate our 76th birthday and we sincerely hope that we are able to provide outdoor educational adventure experiences to children and adults for at least the next 76 year
s. We know how   pivotal these experiences are to the growth of children’s physical, mental, emotional and social development and it is interesting to note how covid safety regulations have unfortunately limited this development. 

Whist the last 15 months have been challenging we have been able to continue in a reduced capacity due to the sacrifices our staff have made and with the financial assistance of the Hogsback community and donations from past attendees and supporters of Hobbiton.   
Due to the fact that it will still take several months until some semblance of normal bookings take place we are still in need of financial support. 
If you are able to assist us please make deposits to:

Account name – Hobbiton
Bank – FNB
Account number – 52 12 12 62 879
Branch code – 210 221
Reference – your name BF (bridging fund)  

Please send your email address to us at to enable us to send a letter of thanks acknowledging your donation and for you to be entered into the giveaways sponsored by various Hogsback establishments. 

Our thanks go to the following for their donations:
Justin Anderson
Lukie Barnard
Bridget & Judy Clarence
Monika Hof 
Meredith Treadwell
Christian Doppelgatz
Clare Rayner
Hogsback Spar
Kerry-Ann Rayner
Jeremy Timm
Raven Marie
Gloria Robinson
Nicole Tabeter
Debbie Hendrikz
Hogsback Petrol
Hogsback Bottle Store
Hogsback Hardware
EC Hospitality
Autumn Rush – Pam Rossouw
Fiona Wallace
Away with the Fairies
Amy Stevens 
Matt Lawlor
Felicity Woods
Jax Taskov
G Majoe
Tracey Gardener
Malcolm Stewart
Andre van Tonder
Michal du Plessis
Shaun Holliday
Michelle Schreiber
Le-Anne Pike
Clare P
Nicole Tabeter
Maureen McWilliams
Hannah Stevens
Bastien Linol
Trevor Webster
Norma &Derek Fivaz
Hendrien vanVliet
Damian Seeber
The Blackbeard Family
Mel de Wet
Andrea Hart
Ashley Martin
Anna Talbot
Joanne Campbell
Heike Chetty
Mandy Clark
Phiwe Mjekula
Laragh on Hogsback
Little Dene
Mike Mullens
Hogsback Buy & Sell
Rory Blake
Mandy Clark
Gaynor Harris
Ticia Davies
Gaynor Harris
Misty Mountain- Eileen
Carla Bonthuys
D Scott
Donna Stevenson
Chantell Carrick
Kylista Gower
Meghan von Wildemann
Thank you, The Edge Mountain Retreat for your donation of the accommodation prize for the month of July.  

Every donation of R 50 entitles you to one entry in our monthly draw for the month in which the donation was made.  R 50 = 1 entry, R 100 = 2 entries, up to a maximum of 4 entries. 

The following establishment have donated accommodation:

August – Nibelheim
September – Maple Grove
October – Wishrush
November – Laragh-on-Hogsback
December – Monsgarden Cottage
Louayne Fourie

Our heartfelt condolences to the Fourie Family on the loss of a compassionate, supportive and a warm-hearted lady who assisted Hobbiton, the children who attended our Under Privileged Children’s Camps and our staff for several years. 

Heaven has gained an angel.  


Below please find an excerpt from the Government Gazette of the 1st August 2021 informing us of the new regulations.  Please visit for the entire gazette.