Make a difference in a young person's life

Hobbiton still remains true to its core mission that was initiated more than 75 years ago and that is to to give less privileged  children a chance to experience an outdoor adventure!

Hobbiton is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non Profit Organisation and we can only continue with our work by having the financial assistance of various corporate and private donations. The money generated from commercial bookings assists with our running costs, although for our Less Privileged Camps we need further assistance.

The cost of one of these camps at present is R 83 000 for seven days for 150 people. A few of these camps are held each year  during the school holidays. 


How can you assist?

If you or your company would like to assist you can contact the Hobbiton office on 045- 962 1193 or email us and we can furnish you with a fundraising proposal.

You can help in the following ways:    

  • New blanket – R 120 ($7 / € 6.40 / £ 4.50)
  • One meal – R 40 ($2.35 / € 2.10 / £ 1.50)
  • One child one day camp costs – R 79 ($6.20 / € 5.60/ £ 4)
  • One child full week camp costs – R 554 ($43.50 / € 39.50/ £ 27.90)
  • Full camp costs – R 83 000 ($6 515 / € 5 910/ £ 4 180)

If you would like to make a donation towards this initiative, You can make use of our donation portal. Just mark the donation LPC. 

Supporters, Sponsors and donors

We cannot carry on with our vision of helping young, less fortunate, learners become leaders and change makers,  without your support. We thank those who have given so generously in the past.